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The 10 Best Sushi Knife Reviews, Tips and Buying Guides

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A sushi knife has a long, thin blade that allows easy cutting of the fish and vegetables. However, choosing which one will work best for you can be challenging because so many options are available on the market today. 

 best sushi knife
Sushi Knife

The following list was made by looking at several critical factors, including customer reviews, durability, price, and product quality, to find the top ten most valuable knives currently available on Continue reading this blog post if you would like more information about these choices, as well as helpful tips for buying your specialized sushi knife

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What Is A Sushi Knife?

Sushi knives are designed for cutting fish, vegetables, and fruits for making sushi. Most sushi knives are made from high carbon steel, which is not stainless steel. Hence, it will get rust quickly without regular care, but it comes with a perfectly sharp edge. 

A lot of types of sushi knives will be honed on the right side only. This is because the honing side will allow for the sharpest edge. 

Types Of Sushi Knife

There are many Japanese sushi knives in the market, with their unique features. However, for our purposes today, we will be looking at some that you can use for preparing your next big dinner party or just when cooking up yourself! Here are 5 common types of sushi knife on the market:

  • Deba: A traditional, single-bevel Japanese knife with thick spines that can be used for butchery and filleting is the deba. These hefty blades feature different sizes depending on the meat being cut down to provide an effective tool no matter what kind you need!
  • Kiritsuke: The kiritsuke knife is a traditional Japanese knife that features an angled tip. It can be used as either an all-purpose kitchen tool or more specifically for slicing sushi at the table. In many cases, only the head chef will have access to these special blades, so they’re often associated with expertise and status among chefs across Japan.
  • Nakiri:The Japanese equivalent of a western-style double edge knife, nakiris are perfect for cutting vegetables like julienne or brunoise into neat pieces. This type also comes in handy when you need to cut hard fleshy produce such as pumpkins and squash!
  • Santoku: A santoku is a Japanese knife that can cut fish, meat, and vegetables. The blade has an-303 edge geometry, which makes this particular style perfect in all aspects of handling food prep duties, from chopping veggies or filleting your catch at home!
  • Yanagiba: The Yanagiba sushi knife is an elegant and effective tool, perfect for delicately cutting fish fillets or other ingredients. They can also be used to skin small-medium-sized game like carp or hake before cooking them on the grill – making it your one-stop shop when preparing fresh grilled seafood!

Why Should You Buy the Best Sushi Knife?

In Japan, preparing sushi and sashimi is a very serious business. One of the essential requirements when handling meat for this dish is that it must be smooth, shiny, and sharp through the eye when viewed under magnification which can only happen with special knives. 

However, if you are not in Japan, why do you need to get one? The reason is that the sushi knives mostly come with a very sharp blade, and they can be used for many types of food cutting. Moreover, it is considered to be one of the most durable and sharp knives in the world. Sushi knives are various in weight, size, and blade types. 

List on The Best Sushi Knife Reviews in 2021

Here is my list of best knife for cutting sushi rolls that I want to let you know, do not hesitate to pick one of these : 

Top 1: Shun Dual Core 10.5-inch Stainless Steel Yanagiba Knife, Sushi Knife

Shun Dual Core 10.5-inch Stainless Steel Yanagiba Knife, Sushi Knife

Shun Dual Core 10.5-inch Stainless Steel Yanagiba Knife, Sushi Knife Product Review

+Very durable knife and having water-resistant finish +Require low maintenance +The perfect knife for preparing sushi +Easy to cut the fish and vegetables +Highly safe and comfortable to use
It is quite heavy 

A traditional sushi knife made in Japan and the only thing you’ll need.The Shun Dual Core 10.5-inch Yanagiba knife is the best sushi knife, which has a limitlessly sharp 16° edge that will cut through raw fish like butter; it’s easy to use with its octagon-shaped handle. 

Its elegant, durable ebony PakkaWood handle provides superior grip. It won’t harbor bacteria like stainless steel handles would, while at the same time, it is malleable enough for clean cutting through challenging pieces of fish without leaving unsightly scratches on your blade. 

The high-quality steel blade suffices for all purposes whether you’re slicing sashimi or vegetables and includes a wooden Saya (sheath) that can be washed to keep food from sticking. Mainly, it comes with the saya/sheath for protection of user and storage. Besides, the dual knife is easy to clean and maintain. 

Top 2: Yoshihiro Shiroko High Carbon Steel Kasumi Yanagi Chef Knife

Yoshihiro Shiroko High Carbon Steel Kasumi Yanagi Chef Knife

Yoshihiro Shiroko High Carbon Steel Kasumi Yanagi Chef Knife Product Review

+Having the high-quality white blade +Ergonomic D shaped handle +Lightweight and easy to use +Having the protective sheath for long time preservation +It is simple to store and maintain
The price might be a little high for beginners

If you want to invest in the best sushi knives, Yoshihiro Shiroko’s design is for you. It will not only make any dish pop with its beautiful appearance but also matches high-end professional kitchens and home cooking alike!

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Sushi lovers will love this Yoshihiro Shiroko knife. It is 10.5 inches long and made of white steel with a Rockwall 62-63 hardness that will give you mighty sharpness in no time! Furthermore, it also has an edge retention blend of iron to keep things nice and finished on your dish too.

This knife is a work of art. Made by hand in Japan, and it has three different grinds that will slice through your fish with ease while still preserving its original flavor and texture.

Yoshihiro Shiroko knives are made in Japan by hand for smaller-scale production. The handle is equipped with an O-shaped design that fits well into any size of hands, allowing seamless usage and protection from harm thanks to its wooden sheath called Saya.

Top 3: Cangshan J Series 62762X-7 Steel Sashimi Chef Knife

Cangshan J Series 62762X-7 Steel Sashimi Chef Knife

Cangshan J Series 62762X-7 Steel Sashimi Chef Knife Product Review

+Made of unique and high-quality Damascus steel +Offering the long-lasting sharp blade +It holds the edge well for a long time +Well balanced and easy to clean +Cuts well and feel very comfortable in the hand
Its price might be a little higher than some other counterparts

The Cangshan J Series 62762 X-7 Steel Sashimi Chef Knife is perfect for making sashimi. The blade consists of high carbon alloy steel, which keeps the knife sharp and easy to maintain with a bit of need for sharpening. 

The handle combines both glass fiber resin and sugarcane pulp through compression molding techniques. This blending is two times stronger than materials used separately, increasing durability. In addition, this product includes a storage sheath that has a belt hook on the back for convenience when not in use.

Mainly, it comes with strong magnets embedded in the sheath for holding the knife securely. The nice sheath will protect your fingers from the blade. It is super easy to clean this knife. Just use warm water and some soap. Don’t forget to dry and rinse it well.

Top 4: DALSTRONG 9.5″ Yanagiba Sushi Knife


DALSTRONG 9.5″ Yanagiba Sushi Knife Product Review

+High-quality Japanese steel under ice-tempered tech +Honed by 13-15 angles for excellent hardness+D shaped black pakkawood handles +Perfect sharpness with hand-polished edge +Best for slicing with full tang and narrow blade +Comfortable to use with the nice bolster and mosaic pin bass
Not recommended for left-handed persons

Known as the world’s best yanagiba knife for professionals. Dalstrong is a company that has been in the cutlery industry for years with high-quality products, such as their Nakiri Sushi Knife, which are loved by more than 3 thousand users on due to its excellent performance when preparing sushi or sashimi dishes. The design may be slightly different from other standard knives used for this type of cuisine, but it’s still an ideal choice if you’re looking into purchasing your own set!

The Dalstrong Sushi Knife is the perfect knife for professionals. It’s 9-and 5/8 inches long, with a specially designed blade that can cut through any substance, and has 58 Rockwall hardness to keep it in pristine condition! Plus, this series features an ergonomic bolster shape as well as a polished spine, which makes them durable enough so they’ll last you years on your next adventure.

This best yanagiba knife’s blade has been manually honed to 13-15 degrees and cooled by nitrogen, resulting in a razor-sharp edge that will stay this way for years of kitchen use!

With its D-shaped handle and black Spanish pakkawood, the design of this tool ensures comfort while giving ultimate control. It fits well with any hand size! In addition, the protective sheath provided will keep your blade safe from harm, so you can use only one at work or play without worry.

Top 5: Yoshihiro Hayate Inox Aus -8 Yanagi Sushi Knife

Yoshihiro Hayate Inox Aus -8 Yanagi Sushi Knife

Yoshihiro Hayate Inox Aus -8 Yanagi Sushi Knife Product Review

+High-end Japanese steel blade +Razor-sharp, durable, and comfortable to use +Long blade for slice thin slices +Come with powerful components +Perfect for preparing fish and vegetables for sushi
Only hand wash recommended 

The Yoshihiro Hayate Inox Aus-8 Yanagi Chef Knife is a Japanese chef knife. The blade material is stainless steel which makes the knife very durable, and the blade will stay sharper longer than most knives. 

This modestly priced but high-quality tool can take on nearly any task, from slicing fish to chopping tomatoes with ease. It comes fully assembled, so there’s no guesswork involved in getting a beautiful cutting surface that’s just right for you! 

The lacquered wooden handle adds aesthetic appeal and aids with grip during use without compromising the chef’s hand from becoming sweaty or overheated.

This knife comes with a sleek look, and it features a beautiful and elegant thin blade that is super durable and easy to clean. You do not need to give any special care to this knife, but it still stays shiny and sharp. 

Top 6: Lucky Cook Sashimi Sushi Knife 

Lucky Cook Sashimi Sushi Knife  Product Review

+Being a classical Japanese knife for sushi +Comfortable to grip with oval wooden handle +The blade is long and narrow +Great knife for the affordable price+Having nice bevel +For both beginners and professionals, use
The blade spine is a little square and ruff 

Lucky Cook knife, the best sashimi knife which is designed for cutting Sashimi Sushi seamlessly. The blade material, stainless steel, does not lend itself to staining or becoming rusty while allowing traditional sushi chefs to practice their trade easily. 

A 10-inch blade enables the chef’s hands to stay safe from being too close to the blade’s sharp edge while using it. Its high-quality stainless steel blade makes the knife sharp and good balance for your knife. The blade is perfect for making clean cuts and slices for fillet. It is designed with a long blade for easy and convenient use for any task. 

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Equipped with a wooden handle grip that anyone can securely hold after ensuring that hands are dry and clean before agreeing on purchase, this product ensures safety once all other factors have been addressed! This knife is both the best sushi knife for beginners and professionals. 

Top 7: KYOKU Samurai Series Japanese Sushi Sashimi Knives

KYOKU Samurai Series Japanese Sushi Sashimi Knives

KYOKU Samurai Series Japanese Sushi Sashimi Knives Product Review

+Made out of superior steel for durability +Comfortable to use, no finger pains or fatigue+Come with a lifetime warranty and free exchange/ return+Much, harder, sharper, and thinner blades compared to western ones+Extraordinary flexibility and good corrosion resistance
It might be a little heavier 

This knife is designed for cutting Sashimi Sushi seamlessly. The blade material, stainless steel, does not lend itself to staining or becoming rusty while allowing traditional sushi chefs to practice their trade easily. 

In addition, a 10-inch blade enables the chef’s hands to stay safe from being too close to the blade’s sharp edge while using it. Equipped with a wooden handle grip that anyone can securely hold after ensuring that hands are dry and clean before agreeing on purchase, this product ensures safety once all other factors have been addressed! Here is the best sushi knife that comes with superior Japanese Steel.

This well-balanced knife design will be easy to slice through meats while still away from fatigue and fingers pain. Besides, its sharp edge is handcrafted and mirroring polish at 11-13 degree double side. As a result, this knife is the best one for perfect hardness, corrosion resistance, and perfect flexibility.

Top 8: Mercer Culinary MX3 Premium Sujihiki knife

Mercer Culinary MX3 Premium Sujihiki knife

Mercer Culinary MX3 Premium Sujihiki knife Product Review

+It is a very sharp and well-made knife +It holds the edge perfectly +Requires small effort for sharpening +Suitable for mincing, deboning, slicing, and dicing+The handles make a good feel in the hand +For heavy-duty and professional use
The knife is a little weighty in the hand 

The blade on this knife is made of VG-10 steel that is laser cut to precision for perfect sharpness, long durability, and a fantastic look. It is made out of high-quality VG 10 stainless steel, laminated with high carbon outer layers. 

Besides, it has a 14-degree razor-sharp edge. Especially, it is a full tang that runs the whole length of handles; hence, it will provide the perfect balance. It’s also hand polished to ensure the surface will stay pristine over time. 

The black handle has a wonderfully ergonomic curve that allows you to grip it securely without any slippery slip of your hands. This MX3 brand comes with a lifetime warranty, so if anything happens, just send it back in, and we will fix or replace whatever needs to be done until you are satisfied!

Top 9: Enowo Damascus Sashimi Chef Knife

Enowo Damascus Sashimi Chef Knife

Enowo Damascus Sashimi Chef Knife Product Review

+Being super sharp sushi knife +Effortless cutting thanks to the razor-sharp blade +Easy to release the food while dicing, slicing, and cutting. +The handle is perfect for control, comfort, and ability.
It cannot use to cut bones or hard foods 

Take that cooking time down to seconds with the Enowo Damascus Chef Knife 8 Inch! It’s easy-to-hold stainless steel body. It means less slipping off of quickly cooked foods, and its timber handle is tough enough for even the roughest users. 

In addition, the blade edge of the knife is plain, meaning it will make quick work of all your food prepping needs without much effort at all. So get this culinary star for your kitchen today before we sell out!

Made from the 67 layers of Damascus high carbon steel and having the ultra-sharp core VG10. You can do everything effortlessly with hardness, sharpness, and excellent edge retention. Besides, its blade is beautiful and helps to reduce the drag, and all stuck on food. 

In Particular, you are allowed to cut anything without worrying about sticking and losing the previous taste. Its durability is beautiful, comfortable, durable, and easy to clean. Its construction provides more excellent durability and a seamless transition from handle to blade. You can quickly move, thanks to the excellent balance weight between the blade and handles. 

Top 10: Mercer Culinary Asian Sushi Knife

Mercer Culinary Asian Sushi Knife

Mercer Culinary Asian Sushi Knife Product Review

+Great knife for a reasonable price+It looks is impressive +Super sharp blade, provide clean cuts +Comfortable soft plastic handle +Non corrosion, rust and discoloration
Only hand wash recommended 

The knife is made of German stainless steel to ensure outstanding performance. Furthermore, it will be rust-resistant and durable for a long time! 

It can cut fish without any problems or slice through tough meat with ease on your next BBQ. The taper-ground blade design makes it easier than ever before to make perfect sushi at home–you won’t regret buying one if this sounds good enough for you!

The Mercer Culinary Asian Yanagi Sashimi knife is one of the best knife for cutting sushi rolls to make sashimi. It’s made with premium materials and has a dedicated design, making it perfect for sushi-making under $100! If you are thinking of buying the best sushi knife that comes under 100dollar

The 10-inch long Mercer Culinary Yanagi Sashimi Knife is the ideal choice for home chefs. However, newbies and even master chefs alike can also use it! The functions of this knife will make it hard to replace with other knives such as a boning or filleting blade because they all serve their purposes in different cooking stations on your kitchen countertop.

The Mercer has a beautiful wooden handle that is designed carefully for both professional chefs and home cooks. In addition, the design is certified by NSF, the world’s best public health organization, through many testing and inspections- meaning this knife will be one of your most valuable tools in preparing delicious sushi at any level!

Factors to Consider When Buying Best Sushi Knife

When looking for the perfect sushi knife, many factors need to be considered. First, of course, you have different Japanese knives (see above), but their size and material can vary drastically! Here we’ll talk about some essential considerations when buying yourself such a sharp blade, so check out these tips:

Blade construction 

The blade is the essential part of your knife. You want to make sure whatever you buy for cooking at home or slicing up fish can handle its job well and be durable so that next time there’s an issue with breakage. All we need to do is go back online again because this problem will have been solved.

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The precision needed when working on sushi means buying products made from high-quality materials only; anything else just won’t cut it. They’ll quickly fall apart under pressure while still being sharp enough not to leave unwanted cuts behind, which could cause infection too!

The ideal sushi knife should be made of high carbon stainless steel with a razor-sharp blade. But, of course, you’ll also need to clean and dry it after use for corrosion from water so as not to ruin your dinner!

Blade length 

There are different types of Japanese knives with varying lengths. The Yanagiba knife, for example, will be on the longer side; usually between 9″ and 10 5″. Santoku and Nakiri blades stay within 6 inches (or 7″) – take into account what you’ll use your blade most often when choosing a length that suits you best!


The best sushi knives are designed to be both safe and comfortable. A wooden handle is most common on Japanese knives, but it’s essential that you also look for ergonomic handles made of high-grade materials to avoid any problems when handling your meal with care!


A single bevel blade is an excellent option if you’re interested in ultra-thin slicing without the risk of sticking. However, it’s designed for right-handed people and can prove challenging to use by lefties or beginners, so we recommend going with dual instead!


Sushi knives are categorized into two different design patterns: full tang and half-tang. The former will have a blade that extends through the handle while providing optimal balance and durability; on the other hand, half tans may be weaker in construction but light enough for easy handling purposes.


Sushi chefs rely on their knives to create the perfect bite every time, but not all are created equal. You may be surprised by how many different types of blades exist–from cheap and poorly made ($20) up to.

These knives are designed as a high-end sushi chef’s blade or even for those who collect Japanese blades of prestige. However, if you’re looking for an affordable, decent-quality knife that won’t break the bank, then there is something on this list to suit your needs!

Advantages Of Sushi Knife

There are some excellent benefits of using sushi knives:

  • It is specially designed for slicing fish and vegetables, which make more excellent and more appealing food. 
  • It can make sure the correct ratios and distributions of all ingredients. 
  • Made out of high-quality carbon stainless steel for blades and sharp edges for extended durability and sharpness. 
  • Having the ergonomic and rugged handles which can keep the knife good in the long term 
  • Comes in different sizes, styles, and weights to let you have a wide choice 

How To Take Care Of Sushi Knife?

It is the same as other knives; sushi knives need some proper care for extended durability. You can check out the below recommendations:

If your knife is not a dishwasher, you must clean it by hand with soft clothes. 

  • You can use the protective sheath to protect your blade
  • Do not sharpen any other things. Use an only whetstone 
  • Do not use sushi knives for cutting the rigid bones or frozen foods
  • Do not use for acid sourced fruits 

How to use sushi knife

use sushi knife to make sashimi in Japan

FAQs on Best Sushi Knife

Q1: What kind of knife is best for cutting sushi?

The Yanagi or Yanagida is the best knife for cutting sushi rolls and sashimi. We also recommend this traditional Japanese kitchen blade as your first choice of knives to learn with–it’s not too hard on ingredients, so it will help get you through those tough times when cooking!

Q2: How long should a sushi knife be?

The typical length for sushi knives is from 8 inches to 12 inches, making them quite long compared with other knives. The longer the knife you have, the easier it will be when slicing raw fish into thin pieces.

Q3: Why are sushi knives so expensive?

The expensive of sushi knives have many factors: the expensive materials and extra labor that forge welding together multiple layers requires, and it is handmade by hand (most of these knives are forged on small scales).

Q4: Which sushi knife is the best for left-handed people?

There is a slight chance that your sushi knife isn’t interchangeable between left and proper-handed use. This can be inconvenient, but luckily there’s an ample amount of knives available for those who are ambidextrous!

Q5: What is the best multi-purpose sushi knife?

Out of all the knives that i reviewed above, the best multipurpose sushi knife is a kiritsuke. This can be used for multiple cutting purposes but often means it’s more tricky to wield – only head chefs are permitted to use this blade style at professional Japanese kitchens! If you want a more accessible tool, opt instead with santoku, which will simplify things even if your skills aren’t up there yet.

Q6: How many sushi knives should I own?

If you are a sushi enthusiast, it’s important to remember that all of the knives used in creating this dish have been crafted with specific purposes in mind. So while most chefs will use more than one type of knife for their creations  such as nakiri and Yanagida. 

They may not need an entire set just yet because there is still plenty leftover from what was purchased earlier on down below. A debt or straight thinning blade can be equally valuable when preparing fish at home by helping us cut through tough muscle fibers without exerting too much force, so we don’t end up cutting ourselves!

Nakiri will be the perfect slicer for vegetables; Yanagida knives give you those precise cuts needed when crafting sashimi!


The best sushi knife is an essential tool for any lover of Japanese cuisine to try to create this dish. We have listed out the best ones, which we’ve researched and analyzed based on features like prices and performances! 

Of course, they’re not cheap, but you get what you pay for in terms of quality with these high-end tools. If you are still confused by these 10 best knives, I highly recommend the models of Cangsan and Shun brands, they are the best among all. I am sure that you will never be disappointed. Now, pick one and let me know what you like!

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