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The Best Honesuki Knife Reviews, Tips and Buying Guides

If you are struggling to find the best Honesuki knife, you must read my page. I am pretty sure that it will help you a lot in making the right choices. 

The Honesuki knife is a great all-purpose tool for cutting meats, vegetables, and boning. It comes with a pointed tip that allows you to cut through meat without tearing it apart easily. This type of blade can also scrape bones and clean any remaining meat or fat after cooking the food on the bone.

Best Honesuki Knife
Honesuki Knife

In addition, the Honesuki knife has a thick spine which reduces flex while chopping, making it an ideal knife for slicing large pieces of meat into smaller portions more quickly than other knives would allow. When choosing your next kitchen knife, make sure to take advantage of this versatile blade!

Learning all basic factors is necessary before buying the best honesuki knife.

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What Is A Honesuki Knife?

The Honesuki is a traditional Japanese knife used to slice the meat off of poultry and other meats. It has an incredibly thin grind, making it perfect for cutting through tough cuts like beef or pork belly without crushing or bruising them too severely between two pieces of bone (or even something as delicate as rare fish). 

The tall heel on this blade moves up towards sharply angled edges which are so finely ground they can cut right through solid foods with minor resistance at all – almost reminiscent more so than sawing type actions when done correctly by someone who knows. What they’re doing!

The Honesuki is a knife that has been used for centuries to carve up poultry. The blade’s attractive shape, almost an acute triangle, makes it one of the best boning knives around, aside from its incredible sharpness and ability to fit into tight spaces between bones with ease!

Why Should You Buy the Honesuki Knife?

If you love chicken and other poultry, then I’d say it’s a must. A honesuki is not only fun to use, but it’s also a money saver and an actual investment into your future. 

The cost of buying chicken in pieces can add up, which is why it might be more economical to buy whole birds. A few breasts here and there are easy enough to come by, but if you’re looking for something specific like wings or legs, then your options may be limited. Especially when all told together! 

To save money on groceries this month, try learning how to take apart different parts from poultry yourself so that less food ends up wasted because we know who doesn’t want their hard-earned cash going toward unnecessary things.

Not only is homemade stock healthier than the canned variety, but you can also use it for more recipes! Once your broth has simmered down, remove any leftover bones and vegetables to start another broth or save them in an airtight container. Boxed broths often contain ingredients that aren’t healthy at all but don’t worry because making this on your own will save money too- especially if let cool before storing away yourself.

Reviews of the Best Honesuki Knife in 2021 

Here is the essential part of my article. First, I will show you a list of the ten best Honesuki knives that will defeat any other knife on the market.

Top 1: Misono Molybdenum 5.6″ Honesuki Knife

Misono Molybdenum 5.6

Misono Molybdenum 5.6″ Honesuki Knif Product Review

+Made of high carbon and stain-resistant materials for the blade +Lightweight and thin for a perfect boning knife+No need to be sharpened for even long time+Much longer than most other knives +Maintain the sharp edge for an extended period
It might not fit with the usual block due to its length

Misono knives are an excellent choice for deboning chicken thighs. This best honesuki knife has thin, straight edges that make them easier to handle and perfect when precision is needed more than anything else in your kitchen!

In addition, they’re lightweight, which makes cutting through tough muscle tissue less exhausting on the arms or shoulders. While still providing enough durability so you can tackle any task thrown at it without worrying about breaking apart easily under pressure from thick bones like those found within most birds’ bodies today.

The Misono knives are best for deboning chicken, especially if you want to remove wings or drumsticks. The thin profile ensures that these sharp blades stay as efficient for many years without becoming blunt and can be easily maintained with regular honing sessions at home.

The blade of the knife is single-edged and made out of steel. It’s asymmetrical, providing 70:30 fashion for an extremely sharp edge that can cut through anything with little effort on your part!

Top 2: DALSTRONG 5.5″ Japanese AUS-10V Damascus Steel, Honesuki knife


DALSTRONG 5.5″ Japanese AUS-10V Damascus Steel, Honesuki knife Product Review

+Perfect performance and well-enhanced control +Exceptional strength, durability, and stain resistance +Beautiful and traditional octagon shaped handle +Superior hand-holding and allowing tactile feedback +Very flexible and hard +Easy to clean and require low maintenance
Uneven grind on the tip 

Here is the ultimate knife from Dalstrong, which combines outstanding craftsmanship with breakthrough technology to offer an unprecedented level of performance. 

With a sharp single-bevel scalpel edge and mirror polish, this blade can cut meat or vegetables precisely at a 20° degree angle without any problems whatsoever! Furthermore, the AUS-10V Japanese super steel used for its construction makes sure that it remains challenging and helps make food easier on your palate.

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You can cut through butter with the sleek, lightweight knife. It’s perfectly balanced and has an expertly designed handle to give you superior control during use. And it slightly tapered blades for easier handling that won’t slip out of your hand like some other knives do when they’re not correctly maintained or sharpened correctly (here comes another example).

Top 3: Tojiro 6″ Honesuki Knife

Tojiro 6

Tojiro 6″ Honesuki Knife Product Review

+Made out of the high-quality carbon steel +Excellent edge retention for easy sharpening +Perfect for breaking down the whole chicken or deboning thighs+Well made and comfortable to use+It is Sharp and of good length
It is nice but a little heavy

For those who need a do-it-all type of boning knife, the Tojiro is an excellent option because it’s barbershop grade sharp and stiff. I even compared this to how well you can debone chicken or turkey as smaller meats like fish; imagine how great that would be for more significant cuts!

This knife is the perfect size for an all-purpose cook looking to trim the fat. Made with 3-ply clad construction and encased in layers of rust-resistant steel, this blade can handle any culinary challenge you throw its way!

The knife has a 60 on the Rockwell scale, making it hard and sturdy. It also features a 9-12 degree blade angle with thin upper blades that can cut in one go for precision work like cutting tasks should be done to ensure accurate cuts every time! 

The composite wood handle makes holding this tool comfortable all day long while being resistant against warping or dulling over years of use, thanks to its rustproof construction and other features such as dishwasher-safe construction. So cleaning up after yourself will never hurt again when using any chef’s knives from now on out because they’ve been designed by people who know what you need better than anyone else does!

Top 4: Zeolite Infinity Honesuki Knife 4.5″

Zeolite Infinity Honesuki Knife 4.5

Zeolite Infinity Honesuki Knife 4.5″ Product Review

+High-quality carbon stainless steel for durability +The best honesuki knife comes with extra string and comfort +well balanced and comfortable grip +Very safe and easy to use +Razor-sharp and very effective
The blade might be chipped 

The Zeolite knife is an outstanding choice for anyone looking to invest in quality yet still keep their investment small. The 4 1/2 inch blade makes it one of the best precision boning knives on today’s market and can cut through almost anything with ease, from meat or seafood up to tomatoes (and other veggies). The rounded handle design also makes this product easy to use while providing comfort throughout use!

The blade on this Best Honesuki Knife is made of high carbon stainless steel, which makes it resistant to rust and very sharp. Plus, the handle provides a nice solid feel in your hands – you won’t have any trouble cutting through whatever material that suits your needs!

The reason I like this smaller boning knife is that it only weighs 4.4oz (125g), so your hand doesn’t get tired when you work with it, and the blade has been honed to 12-15 degrees on each side which allows for versatile use in cutting up fish, lamb thighs but also steak if needed!

Top 5: WK Stainless steel Honesuki 

WK Stainless steel Honesuki  Product Review

+Made of excellent stain-resistant steel for the blade +Durable pakka wood handle +Comfortable to hold for a long time +Good quality at an affordable price+Perfect for multi tasks
Require hand wash with warm water 

The Wk Stainless Steel Honesuki Boning Japanese Knife is a versatile, well-designed knife that will come in handy for all your meal preparation needs. In addition, this professional knife features a pakkawood handle for an excellent, ergonomic grip.

The Wk Stainless Steel Honesuki Boning Japanese Knife is a sleek and slim knife that can be used for various kitchen tasks. 

The blade’s 420 stainless steel material will stand up to demanding tasks without denting or scratching, and the black coating prevents rust from forming on the metal.

The blade resists stains from stainless steel, while the water-resistant wood handle provides comfort during use. In addition, the single-edged blade has a sharp edge to help you slice through meat with ease.

If your unsliced meat is heading fast towards your eager mouth but not quickly enough, what will it take? I propose cutting them into bite-size pieces with this handy little device, the WK Stainless Steel Honesuki Boning Japanese knife! With its easy one-handed operation and long length, getting closer to food should never have been easier while being so stylish at the same time.

Top 6: Sakai Kikumori Nihongo Japanese Honesuki Knife 

Sakai Kikumori Nihongo Japanese Honesuki Knife 

Sakai Kikumori Nihongo Japanese Honesuki Knife  Product Review

+Made of good quality molybdenum stainless steel +Highly recommended for professionals +It is resistant to water and rust+No rotting or molding on the handle +Very sharp with a pointed tip +Perfect for deboning the meat
Its blade is relatively narrow 

Sakai Kikumori Nihongo Knife has an Eastern style, but the handle and blade are Western designed, similar in thickness to many other Japanese blades that we commonly see here at chef’s kitchen knives.

It can be used overhand like what you would do with your everyday cooking utensils while still maintaining its function for precision work such as boning animals or filleting fish efficiently.

The Nihongo knife is an excellent tool for cutting meats, especially smoked ones or jambon. It can also be used to bone ducks and turkey if you want the classic look of boning chicken!

The design is quite simple, and this knife can be easily held by one hand. The downside, however, is it’s easy to cut yourself because the handle isn’t as ergonomic as some other similar knives in terms of comfort or control for your grip size preference. So if you’re looking for something more than just slicing bread, then maybe consider another type! 

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Top 7: Shun Premier Honesuki Knife

 Shun Premier Honesuki Knife

Shun Premier Honesuki Knife Product Review

+Perfect for handling meat and poultry +Made of high-quality stainless Damascus +Reduce well the drag and keep food from sticking +Comfortable to use and friendly secure
It is slightly smaller than other knives

Shun Premier Honesuki Knife is the perfect choice for professional chefs. This sharp blade has a wide shape, and it’s not just good at preparing meats; this knife can also slice fruits or vegetables with ease! The unique outlook makes preparing food enjoyable, even when you’re working under pressure in your kitchen (which we all know how stressful cooking gets).

The Shun Honesuki Knife is a versatile blade that can remove the thigh bone from poultry, unbox roasts and chops, and perform general boning tasks. Hollow edge blade cuts open cuts cleanly and quickly without catching on the bone. Pakka wood handles offer excellent grip.

This honesuki knife with high-quality blades, It is designed by Gus Johnson, Jinpachi Hattori, and other industry experts like Enrique Peña Gomez, members of the family who founded Shun. These knives will do a fantastic job at slicing meat with accuracy and precision every single time you use them, even those staple briskets at thanksgiving or those delicious calamari rings!

Top 8: Mac Knife Japanese Series

Mac Knife Japanese Series

Mac Knife Japanese Series Product Review

+Hold the edge for a long time +Made of good quality for blade and handle +Perfect size for cutting poultry+Come with the single bevel edge and the hardened tip
it might be hard to sharpen with the whetstone 

Mac Knife Japanese Series is A traditional Japanese-style poultry boning blade/knife that is necessary for any serious cook. 

The thick, solid cutting edge has enough foundation to drive the blade through chicken joints or tiny fish bones and can scoop meat around them without too much effort, thanks in large part to its sharp tip, which allows you to get near bone level. With no problem at all!

It is perfect for precision poultry cuts. The thin, 3mm blade is rust-resistant and exceptionally sharp, making it easy to maneuver around bones and joints. The knife is made out of high carbon steel that keeps its edge for a long time, and the Pakka wood handle provides a comfortable grip. Hand wash is recommended.

Top 9: Yoshihiro 150mm Inox Stain-resistant Honesuki Chef Knife

Yoshihiro 150mm Inox Stain-resistant Honesuki Chef Knife

Yoshihiro 150mm Inox Stain-resistant Honesuki Chef Knife Product Review

+Suitable for both right-handed and left-handed user +Made of high carbon stainless steel +Lightweight with long blade ánd sharp tip +Perfect for using at home +Thin and easy to maintain
A little heavy on the handle 

The Yoshihiro stain-resistant knife is not designed explicitly for lefties with its black handle and carbon steel blade. Still, it can be easily used because of how ambidextrous this product is. 

To use this Best Honesuki Knife, you just need to change your sharpening from righty’s style over on one side where grooves match up with corresponding slots to show which side should meet when flipping blades around. So they’re facing opposite directions (for instance: if mine were facing towards me, then theirs would point away).

The Yoshihiro is a Japanese chef’s knife that has been used for centuries. It’s made of carbon steel, vanadium, chromium, and molybdenum, with the name stating it also includes sabaki, which means “to cut across.” This makes this blade particularly well-suited to cutting meat off bones while staying surprisingly sharp even after years of use! 

In addition, the 11 ounces balances durability against comfort in your hand, allowing you to get through all kinds of tasks without feeling overwhelmed or inefficient at any point during cooking.

Top 10: Messermeister Mu Fusion Honesuki Knife

Messermeister Mu Fusion Honesuki Knife

Messermeister Mu Fusion Honesuki Knife Product Review

+Slim blade for great filleting and boning +For both professional and home cooks +Durable and simple materials +The combined style for a nice look +Having the precious and closed bolster collar
Might get dull if not care properly

Messermeister’s Mu Fusion honesuki knife is the perfect tool for those who are serious about their culinary pursuits. The blade is made of alloy steel and features a black resin handle for a comfortable grip. At just 14.5 inches long, it’s easy to maneuver in tight spaces, making it the perfect choice for more minor cuts of poultry.

This Messermeister Mu Fusion Honesuki Knife is a professional-grade knife perfect for your most delicate cutting tasks. It’s made with a single piece of stamped steel for precision and strength, and the closed bolster collar ensures a comfortable grip. The blade is finished in satin stainless steel with a 58 Rockwell hardness, and it comes complete with a linen-textured resin handle.

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Honesuki Knife

To get the best Honesuki knives, look for these qualities:

1. Blade

Its blade should be thin and long enough to reach certain parts of your meat or fish. Of course, a shorter blade can’t do that, but a longer blade will make it easy to cut even hard meats like ham and pork spare ribs. But if all you want is a one-time use, may we suggest buying a cheaper type instead?

2. Materials

When shopping for this type of kitchen utensil, opt for materials with high carbon content like; High Carbon Steel (the most popular), Stainless Steel, VG 10, and Cromova 18 Stainless Steel Knife. They are strong enough to cut through thick meats that require a lot of effort. This is something you need to consider before going for the cheapest knife.

3. Blade length

Also, look for a knife with a blade length 3-5 inches long so it won’t be too small or too big on your hands, making it awkward to hold and use at times.

4. Handle

The handle should have a comfortable grip even when wet from being soaked in water, juices from meat/meat fluids, or oils from your hand as you cut some parts of your fish or meat. Not all knives have this feature, so choose one wisely, depending on how it feels when gripped correctly by your hand as you carve the meat into thin slices.

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5. Weight

Weight is another thing to consider when shopping for Honesuki knives or any other type of kitchen knife, especially if you want to use it for heavy meat processing like ham and pork spare ribs. Please don’t go for something too light, though, since it can slip away from your hands easily during cutting or may even hurt your hand because of sudden sharp movements, which by the way, makes the knife dangerous to use.

6. Size

Size should be considered too because not all people have large hands as professional chefs do! So make sure that the size will fit nicely on your hands, neither small nor big enough but just suitable for safe handling and a more effortless carving experience overall.

7. Price

You’ll find this point no less critical compared to the other factors to consider. Just buy what you can afford even if it’s not at par with your expectations because “the best things in life are free,” as they say.

Keep these points in mind when looking for a honesuki knife. Then, if you still want to learn more about this type of kitchen utensil, search online for more information or any chef/cook that has significant experience with it to help you decide which one is best for you.

Good Luck!


What Can You Do With a Honesuki Knife?

The forte for a honesuki is efficiency and edge retention. It doesn’t have the flexibility of other styles, but it’s still able to accomplish anything you need with ease, thanks in part to its sharp blade that will last longer than most knives out there today.

A honed kiseru is a Japanese knife with an agile tip and flat belly, perfect for cutting around joints. The blade spine of the Honiseki is thicker than other knives meaning it can handle tough cartilage in addition to small bones like those found on birds’ breasts (or “breastplates”). 

I regularly use mine when preparing vegetables like cauliflower by halving them first and then using my honesuki’s longer length before mincing or trimming off any excess pieces after cooking. This task would typically be handled only by someone else’s petty knife, which usually isn’t strong enough!.

Comparison Between Honesuki and Other Similar Knives

Honesuki vs. Classic Boning knife

Even after years of use, you will be surprised by how sharp and durable the Honesuki knife is. It’s also much more efficient than other knives for specific tasks like boning meats or slicing vegetables because you can quickly go around joints without hassle with its thin tip that has an angled top edge to make cutting easier on your hands as well!

This Japanese Kitchen knife has a unique design that makes it perfect for cutting around the breastplate. The spine of this blade is thicker when compared to other specialized knives. However, its belly can still slice through small tasks like dealing with veggies.

The Honesuki knife is a common choice in today’s kitchen, and choosing the right one can be challenging. However, if you’ve done your research, this shouldn’t pose much of an issue since there are plenty out on the market who offer excellent quality at affordable prices!

Honesuki vs. Petty knife

Honesuki vs. Petty knife

The Honesuki knife has a heavier and thicker blade while being used for poultry butchery. The petty knife’s blades are thinner to make it easier on you when peeling fruits or vegetables with its hand-friendly design that requires little effort from the user.

Honesuki vs. Garasuki

Honesuki vs. Garasuki

The Garasuki and Honesuki knives have similar applications, but there are some differences. For example, a Garasuiki knife is usually heavier and bulkier than a honezuk? blade type of kitchen knife with an edge suitable for trimming meat if you deal in cartilage or skin as well as tendons too!

FAQs Best Honesuki Knife

What does Honesuki mean?

The Japanese word “honesuki” translates to “bone knife” in English. The purpose of this type of kitchen knife is to slice meat or other food items without breaking them apart into smaller pieces that can be more easily eaten with chopsticks, especially if these are raw meats on skewers grilled over an open fire (yum!). Its simple but effective design ensures quality results every time; you’ll never need another sharp object again!

Are Hohesuki single bevels?

Yes, mostly Honesuki comes with a single angle. The angle on a honesuki knife impacts the sharpness of it, single or double. The thinner edge can get chipped quicker than an asymmetrical blade because less metal protects your food from getting cut if you hit something hard with this type of grind is better suited for more delicate work like slicing vegetables.

Why is a honesuki knife also called the poultry knife?

This type of knife has a blade with the perfect curve shape and length for poultry processing, filleting fish, deboning pork or beef.

Do I need a Honesuki knife?

The answer depends on how often you cook and buy fresh meats. If buying pre-cooked or packaged foods like chicken, the honesuki knife may not be necessary for your kitchen arsenal since it’s primarily used to debone raw poultry. However, if purchasing seafood, this tool will come in handy when filleting fish (and more!).

What type of knife is best used to cut through bone?

To ensure you have all of the tools for a successful bone-cutting endeavor, it is essential to invest in heavy-duty meat cleavers. These stainless steel Japanese chef knives can be used as an excellent multipurpose tool that has been perfected over the years and will last through many kitchen skirmishes

How To Make Honesuki Knife

Making Honesuki Knife


If your cutlery collection lacks a good poultry boning knife, what you need to do is just get the best honesuki knife. Now after reading my review,  you can get rid of that problem with anyone on our list.

The honesuki is made for the task and will do everything expected without cutting yourself or making complex movements to reach the meat with an intimidating blade-style like stainless steel, so no worries there!

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