What size of propane take should you use for a Blackstone griddle?

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If you are curious if you can use a propane tank for Blackstone griddle, the answer is yes. However, connecting propane tank to Blackstone griddle can be tricky. Here are all the things you need to know about using a propane tank for your Blackstone griddle.

What kind of propane tank do you need for a Blackstone griddle?

You know that you will need a propane tank for Blackstone Griddle, but the question is which type of tank you should use. Propane tanks may all look the same, but you need to know the important differences in each type.

For starters, propane tanks can be bought in three sizes. There are 20-pounds tanks, 5-pounds tanks, and even 1-pound tanks. The type of tank you should use depends on the griddle. You will learn about it as you read on. 

How long does a propane tank last on a Blackstone griddle?

Determining how long a propane tank for Blackstone griddle will last is easy. This is because you can calculate how long the griddle can use each bottle. After connecting propane tank to Blackstone griddle, the time the content ran out depends on two factors. These two are the size of the griddle and the size of the tank.

This is why you must know which size of propane tank to use on a Blackstone griddle. Using small tanks on a bigger griddle will require you to move back and forth to refill them. This is because the propane tanks will quickly run out.

For an overview, here is the approximate number of hours the tank will last based on a 28-inches to 36-inches griddle: 

  • A 1-pound propane tank can last for an hour
  • A 5-pounds propane tank can last for 2 to 3 hours
  • A 20-pounds propane tank can last from 7 to 12 hours

How many BTU are there in Blackstone griddles?

When it comes to BTU ratings, a 20-pounds tank has 432,804 BTUs, 5-pounds has 109,800 BTUs, and 1-pound has 21,594 BTUs.

Blackstone griddles have different BTU ratings depending on which version you have. For instance, the Blackstone 36 is rated 60,000 BTUs, the Blackstone 22 has 24,000 BTUs, and the Blackstone 17 has 12,000 BTUs.

Propane tank size for the Blackstone 17 griddle

A 17-inches Blackstone griddle is often used for people who want to have outdoor picnics and tailgating. This is because 17-inches griddles are portable. Although a 1-pound propane tank is easy to carry around, it will only let you cook for a little more than an hour. Thus, you may not be able to use it for long.

The best propane tanks to use should weigh 5-pounds or 20-pounds. The former will give you 36 hours of cooking time while the latter will take 9 hours before it runs out.

Propane tank size for the Blackstone 22 griddle

Just like the Blackstone 17-inch griddle, the Blackstone 22-inch one is portable. You can carry the griddle around whenever you want to have a picnic somewhere. Using a 1-pound propane tank will only take no longer than an hour of cooking.

So if you are cooking in a different place other than your home, you might want to use a 5-pounds or a 20-pounds tank.  Using a 5-pounds propane tank will take 4 hours on the 22-inch Blackstone griddle. On the other hand, using a 20-pounds propane tank will let you have 18 hours of cooking time. 

Propane tank size for the Blackstone 28 griddle

The 28-inch Blackstone griddle is not suitable for portable cooking outside the home. This means that you no longer need to get smaller propane tanks since you do not have to move them around.

Because of that, when connecting propane tank to Blackstone griddle, you may opt to use larger ones. A 28-inch griddle will consume your 1-propane tank in less than an hour, so you should use a 20-pounds tank.

Propane tank size for the Blackstone 36 griddle

Just like the Blackstone 28-inch griddle, its 36-inch griddle will also require a larger propane tank. Using a 5-pounds tank on a 36-inch griddle will not let you cook for long. Typically, it will only take you up to 2 to 3 hours to consume the whole tank.

Unless you want to cook only one meal, use a 20-pounds propane tank for Blackstone griddle that has a 36-inch griddle.

Blackstone propane to gas conversion

If you think you will be annoyed by carrying and refilling propane tanks now and then, do not use a small propane tank for Blackstone griddle. In most cases, especially if you are traveling with your family and friends, you will need hefty grilling needs. Thus, using a small tank might become inconvenient.

Nevertheless, there is another option for you: to make propane to natural gas conversion. This is a great idea if you like to grill and want to save on the cost. All you have to do is to by a conversion kit for your Blackstone griddle and connect it. The kit will easily convert your cooking equipment into a natural gas griddle.

Griddle accessories you need when using Blackstone griddle

griddle accessories propane gas

If you are looking forward to having the best grilling experience, you need to ensure that you also have the best griddle accessories. Check some of our recommended griddle accessories that you might need for your next cookout below:

  • Griddle Spade and Spatula: You need metal griddle spatulas and spades since a griddle has a flat-top design.
  • Grease Tins: Grease tins will save you the hassle of cleaning up. All you have to do is put them on the grease trap and discard them once full.
  • Griddle Bottles: Most often, you will need two griddle bottles. One is for the water, and the other is for the cooking oil. 
  • Propane Adapter: When connecting propane tank to Blackstone griddle, make sure you have the proper adapter.
  • Temperature Gun: Knowing the temperature of your griddle is important when cooking. Having a temperature gun will let you know which areas deliver the heat you need and which areas are not.


Can I use a 1-pound propane tank for Blackstone griddle?

Keep in mind that the Blackstone griddle provides high-quality performance at all times. In return, it needs a lot of propane to get the job done. Using a 1-pound tank will not be enough to power your grill effectively for an extended period.

Does every Blackstone griddle come with a propane tank?

No. You will need to buy a propane tank for Blackstone griddle. When connecting propane tank to Blackstone griddle, make sure that you use the proper horse attachment.

What brand of propane tank should I use?

The brand of propane tank you will use is not as crucial as the quality of the propane. Using name-brand propane to fuel your Blackstone griddle is not a requirement. However, you should avoid getting a cheap propane tank if you want to maintain the quality of your Blackstone griddle.


The Blackstone griddle is a piece of valuable and efficient cooking equipment. Thus, you have to make sure that you match it with the appropriate tank. Using natural gas will also help you avoid the hassle of carrying propane tanks. For more topics like this, read more blogs here at Brooklyn Grill!

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